• Who are Institute classes for?
    Institute classes are open to all adults. The academic focus of the classes requires that students be at least a high school graduate (or equivalent).
  • Are Institute classes accredited?
    Currently, classes are not accredited. However, we are actively working to form partnerships with Christian colleges that will provide a pathway to receive credit for Institute classes. Students who want to receive college credit would pay an additional fee and perhaps do additional work for each class. We structure the classes to mirror accreditation standards where practical and helpful.
  • What is the class format?
    Classes will follow the format of adult accelerated learning, meeting for 3.5 hours, once a week for five weeks. Each class will afford students to learn in three distinct but interconnected environments.
    • Individual reading assignments and a final project
    • Group discussions and project review
    • Class lectures and online discussion forum
  • What kind of work is required?
    Typically, each class will require approximately 75-100 pages of reading per week with a final project due one week after the final class. Students can customize their final project with either a research paper, oral presentation or visual presentation.
  • What is the grading scale?
    Traditional learning environments are measured by grades. Institute class measure proficiency on a “Complete” or “Incomplete” basis for both individual assignments and the class as a whole. Assignments are considered “Complete” when basic levels of proficiency are reached. Classes are consider “Complete” when all assignments are “Complete.” All assignments much be “Complete” by two weeks after the final class period or the class will be “Incomplete.”
  • What order should the classes be taken in?
    Classes have no prerequisites and may be taken in any sequence. However, the most helpful sequence will be the order they are scheduled.
  • Can I just take one class?
    Absolutely! You can take only the classes you want or finish all of them to earn a Certificate of Bible & Theological Studies.
  • Do I have to attend all the classes?
    Students can miss up to 20%(one week) of each 5-week class and remain enrolled in the class.
  • What is the cost for classes?
    Registration for each class is $125 for members and $250 for non-members. The registration fee for each class includes textbooks, class materials, and refreshments. Students who drop the class after the first week of a class are eligible for a refund if the books are returned in new condition. No refunds are given after the second week of class.
  • Can I buy my own books and lower the cost?
    No discount is given for providing your own books. We include the cost of books in the registration cost to ensure students have the correct editions and have them on time.
  • Are scholarships available?
    No scholarships are available at this time.

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