Life. Death. And then…MORE LIFE! That’s Jesus’ story and the story he offers each one of us. Invite your family and friends to join you online to be inspired by hope, refreshed by music, and to make Easter memories.

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FRI: 4:30pm and 6:00pm

Our Good Friday service is designed to honor the death of Jesus. There will be music, a time of communion, and a message on the crucifixion brought by Ben Merold.


SAT: 4:30pm | SUN: 9am, 10:45am, & 4:30pm

Easter Sunday’s services will be a creative look at the resurrection of Jesus. It’ll include a message, music, videos, and communion. All Easter services will be identical.

(Note: be sure to tune in 10 minutes before service to make sure your video/audio feed is working properly. Our online chat hosts will be there to assist you!)

  • Where can I tune into the services?

    All of our services are broadcast to our Online Campus page. The live stream will be available 10 minutes prior to the beginning of each service. Use that time to make sure your audio and video is working, as well as to chat with other people who are tuning in!

  • Are Good Friday & Easter services the same?

    Good Friday services and Easter services will be completely different services. Good Friday will have more of a somber feel to it (honoring Jesus’ death on the cross) and Easter will have more of a celebratory feel (celebrating Jesus’ resurrection). We would encourage you to attend both if you can!

  • What will the service look like?

    We have lively weekend services that are focused on Jesus, and Easter will be no different. You will experience live music, passionate teaching from the Bible, and a time of Communion (open to anyone who believes in Jesus), prayer and offering. If you want to participate in communion online with us, be sure to have bread and juice ready with you!

  • How Can I Help?

    In the midst of this nation-wide shutdown, the most common question we are getting is “How can I help?” Your generosity is inspiring! There are a few ways we are meeting needs in our community right now. Primarily we are focused on feeding kids from 4 schools in the Francis Howell School District (Barnwell, Becky David, Harvest Ridge and Francis Howell North). We are also supporting churches all around the world who are trying to support their local cities. Practically here’s how you can help us meet those needs:

    • Donate Food to our Food Pantry // Drop-off bins are available on our St. Charles Campus at the South Entrance of the worship center.
    • Give Financially // Text HARVESTERCC to 77977 for instructions on how how to give a financial gift from your phone or computer.