I prayed for this

Prayed for 7 times.


Dear God

I pray for C,A,K,E,J,L my family to come, my sisters, dad, all our friends.

I ask Lord in respect, trust, truth and in faithfulness, honesty, Lord for us all your will, for what may be and is good for us to come in blessings, miracles, and joy.

Lord I pray all bad deceitful evil hurtful bullies and all bad luck demons to be rid of and banished out of our lives.

I pray to be debt free, financially stable, to be able to own my home,

for my children to be successful in life, their lives, with trust, truth, honesty, sincerity, respect and faith.

Lord I pray if E is an honest man for me in your will under your eyes and that we do our best to be happy in trust, truth, faithfulness, honesty, loyalty and respect, that I can be his.

Lord I pray for we all have good jobs and we support each other. Please protect us with your mighty hand and keep us safe.

Lord give us freedom to do our best and be our best with each other our families. Lord I pray for J, E brother in heart you hear my prayer that he finds peace in his heart, that hope still lives and believes in his children and his life. Our battles we give to you, to help us through, Lord I pray.

Lord I pray for my son and our children that they are protected and are safe from bullies. Lord I pray they be successful and filled with love and joy.

I pray, Lord, you guide us. Lord I am thankful you hear my heart;.

Lord I pray in Jesus name. Amen

Received: September 26, 2018

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