Benny Bryant

Chairman of Elders

Brent Franke

Vice Chairman

Cory Boss


Doug Wiley


Gary Faust

Brett Gibson

Doug Heinrich

Randy Sims

Lead Team

Doyle Roth

Lead Pastor

Email Doyle

636.928.7651 x 103

Nikomas Perez

Teaching Pastor

Email Nikomas

636.928.7651 x 126

Don Sanders

Staff Development Pastor / Director, The Merold Institute

Email Don

636.928.7651 x 150

Pam Ralls

Operations Director

Email Pam

636.928.7651 x 107

Ben Merold

Teaching Pastor

Email Ben

Jenna Moore

Ministry Assistant

Email Jenna

696.928.7651 x 116

Creative Arts

Monte Hunt

Creative Arts Pastor

Email Monte

636.928.7651 x 110

Brad Stretar

Worship Pastor

Email Brad

636.928.7651 x 131

Mitchell Kirby

Music Director

Email Mitchell

636.928.7651 x129

Jim Politte

Technical Director

Email Jim

636.928.7651 x 138

Brad Sitzes

Technical Assistant

Email Brad

Sharon Sontag

Project Director

Email Sharon

636.928.7651 x 156

Jeff Woodson

Video Director

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636.928.7651 x 132

Kim Windsor

Ministry Assistant

Email Kim

636.928.7651 x 130

Next Gen

Nick Ballard

Next Gen Pastor

Email Nick

636.928.7651 x 128

Joseph Roth

Elementary School Pastor

Email Joseph

636.928.7651 X 127

Matt Porritt

Middle School Pastor

Email Matt

636.928.7651 X 151

Angela Dandois

Early Childhood Director

Email Angela

636.928.7651 X 113

Meg Skaggs

Pre K/K Director

Email Meg

636.928.7651 x 146

Sam Skaggs

Student Worship Director

Email Sam

636.928.7651 x 133

Carol Evans

Ministry Assistant

Email Carol

636.928.7651 x 101

Marcia Visnack

Ministry Assistant

Email Marcia

636.928.7651 x 139


Roger Clark

Groups Ministry Pastor

Email Roger

636.928.7651 x 119

Terry Norris

CARE Pastor

Email Terry

636.928.7651 x 122

Keith Nelson

CARE Pastor

Email Keith

636.928.7651 x 105

Susan Reeves

Groups Pastor

Email Susan

636.928.7651 x 120

Justin Wood

Groups Pastor

Email Justin

636.928.7651 x 115

Yvette Pilkington

Deaf/HH Director

Email Yvette

Sherry Bollinger

Ministry Assistant

Email Sherry

636.928.7651 x 125

Juanita Buescher

Ministry Assistant

Email Juanita

636.928.7651 x 112

Krystle Deibert

Ministry Assistant

Email Krystle

636.928.7651 x 123

Erin Turner

Ministry Assistant

Email Erin

636.928.7651 x 121


Bill Sontag

Local Engagement Pastor

Email Bill

636.928.7651 x 108

Kevin Hamilton

Global Engagement Pastor

Email Kevin

636.928.7651 x 140

Dureen Norris

Church Engagement Pastor

Email Dureen

636.928.7651 x 134

Brendon Foulke

Next Steps Director

Email Brendon

636.928.7651 x 111

Gwen Morrow

Ministry Assistant

Email Gwen

636.928.7651 x 117

Rachel Urton

Ministry Assistant

Email Rachel

636.928.7651 x 124


Josh Benoist

IT Manager

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636.928.7651 x 118

Stephen Zumbehl

Facilities Manager

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636.928.7651 x 135

Audrey Hicks

Facilities Assistant Manager

Email Audrey

636.928.7651 x 114

Kevin Webster

Facilities Assistant Manager

Email Kevin

636.928.7651 x 137

Scott Baker

Facilities Specialist

Email Scott

636.928.7651 x145

Darren Deane

Facilities Specialist

Phil Windsor

Facilities Specialist

Email Phil

Jeni Voss

Facilities Assistant

Email Jeni

636.928.7651 x100

Wendy Wise

Finance Assistant

Email Wendy

636.928.7651 x 109


Gustavo Vega

Campus Pastor

Email Gustavo


Scott Baker

Groups Pastor

Email Scott


Grant Sanders

Worship and Students Pastor

Email Grant


Jenn Wyble

Kids Director

Email Jenn

636.528.0566 x 153

Becky Lane

Ministry Assistant

Email Becky