Shelly Hilvety // Biography

Shelly Hilvety works with the urban poor in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She ministers and cares for HIV and leprosy patients and those who have lost loved ones to AIDS. Shelly’s new focus will be to teach others to do the same as she begins teaching at several Bible colleges in the Addis area.

Shelly’s prayer needs

• Pray for those whose homes are not waterproof because rainy season is here and it is cold.

• Pray God raises up more to help those in need, not just in Ethiopia, but around the world.

• Help me to hear each day the new thing that God has for me! Pray for the safety of my team mates and family and partners in ministry. Pray for the home office and all who work there, to be working for the Lord constantly and with joy beyond measure.

• Pray for the Spirit of Boldness to take over me in such a way that I cannot be silent anywhere I am! I will shine like a city on a hill for Jesus!

• Pray the director of the school tells me soon what he is wanting me to teach this next semester. I want to be prepared. Pray I can still hear God’s small voice and that the call that He has on my life will stretch me like never before.


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